Sassy & Swilly are two friends who met in the fall of 2009. They were tasked to the same action area at the Clinton Global Initiative (Education) and assigned to desks right across from one another in New York. From their first few days together, when they pulled out the same flavor of Lara Bar (Cashew Cookie) & the same brand of mascara (Dior Show), they knew there was a special connection.

About a year after meeting, Swilly got an iphone. When she turned it on, and went to the Contacts screen to start inserting names and numbers, lo and behold, there was already one number that had magically pre-populated: None other than Miss Sass. This was most certainly a sign from the universe that no matter what life had in store, no matter how near or far they were, geographically, or in their life journeys, they would always remain connected.

Oh yah, they also like thinking about and commenting on stuff, hence this blog.

The names:

Sassy – Derived from her last name of Sass, but reflective of the fiery, loving energy that makes her Swilly’s soul buddy

Swilly – Derived from a typo in a won’t-you-please-give-us-some-money request she sent out on behalf of the Clinton Global Initiative to one of the largest companies on earth, Swiss RE. In a darkly humorous twist, Word auto-corrected the “Swiss,”  the $28 billion company was reduced to pigwash, and Swilly was born.


Kitchen refuse and scraps of waste food mixed with water for feeding to pigs.
verb. rinse – wash
noun. wash – pigwash – rinse