It’s always fun to learn new things, and here’s something I just came across: Galactagogues. It’s used in the context of breast-feeding moms.

Freda Rosenfeld, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), is a straight-talking, quirky goddess. With techniques like the Jim Carrey (an exercise for Harry’s mouth, which made his tiny face look as rubbery as the comedian’s) and full support for formula supplementation (she assured me formula wouldn’t kill my kid, and that like breastmilk, formula is food), she soon had Harry well-fed, satisfied, and nursing like he’d been doing it all his life – without causing me pain. And for my supply issues, she introduced me to a word, and a world, which would become quite familiar: galactagogue.

Galactagogues promote the production and flow of milk. Freda had an impressive arsenal of galactagogues for me to try, some herbal, many of them specific ingredients. For me, a combination of things worked: cups of raspberry leaf and nettle tea plus loads of oatmeal, barley, and almonds. It was a challenge to my sleep-deprived brain, figuring out ways to work barley into my diet (oatmeal and almonds were easy), but I did it.